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Mobile Applications Development & Solutions that You Need!

Fireworks presents professional custom mobile applications development leveraging the full potential of mobile application technologies to fulfill your specific business needs in Malaysia. We combine aesthetics, usability and functionality to effectively present and promote your business on the mobile devices with our customizable mobile application, be it IOS or Android applications.

Why Go Mobile?

    • Over 60% of Internet access is from mobile devices. Ask any technology investor what the hot area is today, and they’ll tell you “mobile”. Indeed, more people own a smart phone now than ever before, and that number is growing every day.
    • Mobile application developments allow you to engage customers deeply and continuously. Taking your business mobile isn’t really that difficult. Just tell us what you need and we’ll personalize it to your specific business needs.
    • Puts your brand on customers’ mobile smart phones, and tablets via mobile applications
    • Adds value for your customers with specific info, tools and rewards
    • Helps create more loyal customers
    • Gen X & Gen Y comprise 64% of Smartphone Market
    • 80% of Facebook and Twitter usage is on Mobile

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What We Do?

We help you manage your business on mobility smarter! Our superior mobile apps solution offers an advanced, user-friendly, platform. We’ve made it simple for our clients to manage corporate liable devices while also automating the management of costs, assets, usage, plan changes, invoice processing, and reporting. With our easy to use portal we provide you one, easy-to-use technology interface. This optimal view of all your assets will alleviate stress from your company’s IT or finance departments. No more troubleshooting wireless assets and mobile device issues. Our solution is smart, simple and superior. Not to mention it saves your organization time, money and stress!Read More

How Can We Help You?

When you utilize mobile apps for advertising and marketing we ease your work load, improve your visibility and optimize your expenses. We deliver a ‘hands-off’ turn-key solution that provides you access to all the marketing data, customized reporting and real-time reporting of your wireless assets. No longer will your staff resources be used to pour over marketing data, take trivial support calls manage reports and cost allocations for hours. With one point of access for all your wireless assets we can consolidate your expenses and offer you valuable insights while simplifying the management of your inventory. All in all, we develop mobile applications & solutions with values for businesses.Read More

Why Choose Us?

We are experts and pioneers in innovative digital technologies and also a pioneer and leader in smart mobile solutions, with a more than 10 years of experience, we have:

  • created over 50 Mobile Apps
  • created over 500 High Standard Web Design & Solutions
  • created over 50 Digital Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.
  • our own tem of developers for iOS and Android Phone
  • developed mobile solutions and applications for everyone. We have created a wide range of applications for Malaysia and foreign clients.
  • participated in mobile applications development for leading companies such as Amway, Enfagrow, Canon, Toshiba, Nokia, Samsung, Sunway University, Open University, The Edge, Med Johnson and many more.
  • obtained multiple business and technology awards in mobile apps development.

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Our Solution

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is a mobile broadcasting technology , that sends text messages and multimedia directly into the phones of consumers. Read more »

Mobimax For Direct Selling

Mobimax For Direct Selling is a Mobile Publishing Solution that creates and delivers digital content such as eBook, Multimedia, & Interactive Publications to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Read more »

Mobimax For Education & Training

The Mobimax Education Technology enables students to consume learning materials such as video lectures, audio book, E-books using mobile devices. Read more »

Mobimax For E Commerce

Mobimax For E-Commerce provides enterprise grade e-commerce solution which consist of a powerful e-commerce website, mobile website and mobile app. Read more »

Virtual Learning Environment

Fireworks provides Integrated Virtual Learning Environment Solution & Content Digitisation for universities and higher learning institutes. Read more »

Product Catalog Solution

Our Product Catalog Solution provides product cataloging and sales enablement tool that allows company to publish products information across various mobile platforms. Read more »

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