Mobimax for Direct Selling

Mobimax for Direct Selling is a Mobile Publishing Solution that creates and delivers digital content such as eBook, Multimedia, & Interactive Publications to mobile devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets. Mobile Publishing Solution is suitable for Digital Publishing, Training, Sales Enablement and more.

Multi-Platform Mobile Solution for Direct Selling Companies

A Full-Ready, Highly Customisable Mobile Publishing Solution for Direct Selling Companies. Publish Marketing, Communication and Training materials for Members as well as other handy features to optimise Direct Selling experience.

Content Catalogue / Store

A powerfull Content Catalogue that allows users to download latest materials, with intelligent features and ease-of-use.

  • Presentation: Cover-flow view and Tile View
  • Multi-lingual, Multi-Country
  • Multi-leveled Catagories
  • Sorting by File Type, Date and other options
  • Search within Store and search within shelf
  • Content Labelling: “NEW”, “FAVOURITE” & etc

Content Shelf / Library

All downloaded materials will be kept in the Library, so that content can be access anytime, without the need of internet connection.

  • Presentation: Cover-flow view and Tile View
  • Multi-lingual, Multi-Country
  • Multi-leveled Categories
  • Sorting by File Type, Date and other options
  • Search within Store and search within shelf

Support Multi File Types

Easily publish multiple formats of your content such as Powerpoint, Video, Audio, PDF, Interactive Publications and much more.

  • Video & Audio
  • Powerpoint & PDF
  • Interactive Publication
  • E-Book and more

Create Rich Interactive Publications

The reader Module turns your publication into an Interactive, engaging content with Videos, AUdios, Interactive Picture, Social Sharing and mant more. This takes your content to the next time!

  • Attach Video & Audio
  • Embed HTML Elements & PDF
  • Interactive Images
  • Open HTTP Links, Send Emails
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter & Email
  • Bookmark Features
  • Interactive Table of COntent
  • Multi Orientation Pages

Powerful Content Management System

A very powerful CMS that allows user to create and manage all publications.

Includes a smart Workflow Management

Solution that Manage reviews & publishing with a organised workflow method.

Advanced features such as Bandwidth Management, IP Restriction Security, which makes this system truly meant for Entreprise usage.

  • Create Duplicate & Manage Publications
  • Publish for Review Publish To Store
  • Bandwidth Control
  • IP Restriction (Security)
  • Multi-level Workflow
  • Review Mode On Device
  • Editor’s Mode to Approve / Reject / Publish
  • Publishing Scheduler

Membership System

Comes with a powerful membership system. Able to plug into your existing Membership database to create a Single-Sign-On

Multi-level Privacy

When you publish a content, you can assign content to a specific levels of your members, so that it can be targeted accurately.

Powerful Analytics

Mobimax comes with a powerful Analytics System. Track Downloads, Understand your user’s behaviour, track demographics and turn it into business intelligence.

  • Trach Downloads & Views
  • Trach Geographics Data, Demographic and much more
  • Download & Extract Statistics
  • Generate Reports
Case studies
The Amway E-Library Mobile App
The E-Library App is a mobile app that is dedicated to Amway Malaysia’s distributors. This app allows it’s members to download latest E-Amagram ( Interactive Magazines ), training materials, newsletters and more.
This solution is Integrated with Amway’s membership system, multi-language and multi-country. Currently being implemented by Amway in other countries.
Digital support for Amway’s Members on Apple iOS & Android devices.

  • Multi-Lingual:English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia
  • Multiple countries:Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
  • Single-Sign-On:Integrated with Amway Membership
  • Multi-Level Membership:Distributors, Diamonds & etc
  • Interactive Magazines:Video, Audio, Touch Interaction
  • Support Native Documents:PDF, Words, Powerpoint
  • Push Notification:Mobile App based Notification
  • Bandwidth Management, Powerful Digital Security
View The Video Demo : eTWf4CAAakw

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