E-Paper & Digital News Solutions for News Agency

Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News Solution is an all-in-one new generation solution platform for News Agency to deploy their publications to mobile and web consumption.

The solution offers news agency an innovative approach to their customers e-paper and digital news reading needs. Mobimax’s content management system offers intuitive administrative interface that features a powerful catalog-management engine and advertisement placement control, giving news agency the power to create variation of products that provides a rich e-paper and digital news reading experience for their customer, tailored to their unique business needs.

Check out our case study on Sin Chew E-Paper App here, or continue to read to discover the features of this solution.

Creatively Digitizing Newspaper

Our new generation, innovative technological solution offers news agency to sell their printed publications in to digital through Mobimax in a form of e-paper / digital news. Have your customers view your publications in single spread or double spread on tablets, search for articles through your extensive database of publications, and smooth zoom without any loss of quality.

Unique Interactive Multimedia Functions

Improved user experience with a wide range of embed multimedia interactions such as videos or audio files, photo galleries or webpages, YouTube videos, PDF or email contacts placed strategically on each page to cater all your business needs. This new approach allows customers to be actively engaged with all publication. It generates much more interaction with your publications that benefits to social sharing exposure.

Cross Platform

Seamless integration on smartphones, tablet, mobile website, and desktop website with consistent flow of user interface and experience.

Subscription & E-Commerce Shop

Increase store performance with Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News solution’s powerful administrator control panel to conveniently setup and manage bundles of publications as a product, setup attractive promotional coupon and integrated coupons system for the ease of more sales. The platform utilizes native Apple’s in-app purchase and the already integrated iPay88 credit card payment system, also scalable to be integrated with any payment gateway.

News publication experience through Flipboard Experience

Allow customers to browse great magazines & lifestyle articles through the Flipboard feature. Manage contents interactively to customizable layout, or linked to news agency website, have the articles delivered more exclusive that enhances user’s experience.

Powerful Advertising & Promotional tools

Manage interactive business advertisement anywhere within the app, may it be on designated articles, specific news or on the timeline panel. Offer great promotions to promote interactive usage & utilized proximity marketing designated target customers. Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News solution is optimized to give business advertisers the maximum advantage and exposure.

Effective use of Push notification

Notify customers of breaking news or latest trending articles will open up the designated content. Our push notification also works with social feeds and trending topics.

Professional Service Level Agreement

Our already standby body of professionals are ready to tackle any unforeseen and arising issues any time on a 24/7 basis, carrying the responsibility of taking immediate action when the situation arises. Giving a relief for publication and news agencies to continue to carry on with their business.

Extensive Disaster Recovery Plan & System

Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News Solution DRS offers a holistic approach to business resiliency. All live data are protected with a backup server which is mirrored and synced daily. This system’s goal is to provide zero down time & a quick turn-around, our overall business recovery is backed by Mobimax’s SLA.

Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News Solution General Feature List

Authentic Store Front Design

  • Customizable store front interface design
  • Custom publication display
    • List view
    • Tile view
    • Single publication view
    • Cover flow view (iPad)
  • Publication sorting by
    • Alphabet
    • Media type
    • Section
    • Latest
  • Multiple list of categories
  • Library
    • Displays all downloaded articles and publications
  • Shopping page

News Experience Through Flipboard

  • Native Flipboard UX
  • Integrate any publications on agency’s web portal news
  • RSS Integration with section linkage
  • Customizable HTML news layout
  • Manage your Flipboard content with an administration control panels
  • Web Service / API for front end

Helpful User Settings

  • User account settings
  • Auto delivery
  • Remove article, publications and issues
  • Download only on Wi-fi
  • View in full screen mode
  • Feedback connected to news agency

Powerful Download Functions & PDF Processing Module

  • Uploads of publications and articles PDF files to processing server, action can be automated and scheduled
  • Upload and control social sharing processes with page thumbnails and meta data
  • Email notification when processes are all completed
  • Data logging for uploads and processes
  • Web Service APIs to query uploading status & processing status
  • Download publications for local storage. Background download for selected sections (defined by users)
  • Downloading time, automated download process can be scheduled by users
  • Settings for download only when Wi-Fi
  • Selection of multiple downloads
  • Selection of multiple delete
  • Delete all downloaded files
  • Notification section

Accomplished Membership module

  • Three (3) layers of Admin panels
    • Super Admin, full control of all administrative settings and functions
    • Content Developer, full content management access and control
    • Manage, create, delete and submit contents
  • Editor, Review & approve all contents
    • Review submitted contents for publications
  • Manage your customer’s data & delivery service data
  • User profile, logs, update profiles and password reset
  • Backend user configuration
  • Access right configuration
  • User registration & login module
    • Registration can be made through Facebook or Google Plus
  • Email notification to successful user registration
  • Web service API for data queries

Interactive Publication Creator

  • Manage & define publications
  • Manage sections (Categories)
  • Manage spare sections (Predefined)
    • Create new sections
    • Add sections
    • Rename sections
  • Archiving period
  • Manage the period of publications for readers to read old publications
  • Delete the sections published and reprocess with the new files and publish again
  • Create, manage, define and attach embed multimedia to pages
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Embed HTML elements
    • PDFs
    • Images
    • Insertions
    • Open HTTP links
  • Set display criteria based on target audience
    • Product, user group, devices or combination of all criteria
  • Embed web forms
  • Display page previews
  • Workflow module
    • Publish
    • Draft
    • Republish
  • Unpublish

Effective E-Commerce & Subscription Options

  • Manage your products with any combination of sections and publications as a product
  • Define your subscription period for each products
  • Define product validity period
  • Setup voucher codes to apply discounts on existing products
  • Setup free trial for products
  • Manage shopping page display
  • Product purchase data API
  • Tabulate multiple subscription period
  • Send email notification of confirmed subscription
  • Send email reminder to notify customers of expiring subscription
  • Manage and view customer subscription
  • Free preview settings
    • Display free reading sections
  • Manage subscription module records
    • Add
    • Edit
    • Delete
  • Import or export customer subscription data

Mobile devices & desktop access settings

  • User control panels quantity of mobile devices and desktop access simultaneously
  • Lock/unlock devices control panel for admin panels

Powerful Breaking News

  • Breaking news ticker on Homepage
  • RSS news feed by category
  • Deep linking RSS news feed to the publication pages
  • Breaking news admin panel
  • Options to automatically push-notification

Creative Use of Web Form

  • Display web form within Reader view
  • Sections to view all web forms
  • Web form item management
  • Links to interactive module creator

Secure Payment Option

  • iOS payment gateway using native Apple’s in-app purchase
  • iPay88 payment gateway integration
  • Invoice email to customers

Disaster Recovery Plan & System

  • Auto switch module
  • Backup server
  • Sync module
  • DSR module
  • Mirroring module
  • Disaster recovery server implementation
  • Disaster recover switching module
  • Daily synchronization

Data Migration Module

  • Migrate subscription data, app publishing with smooth transition, transfer bookmark to new app
  • Reader able to view the existing issue, based on customer subscription

Informative Analytics & Reports

  • Integrated with Google Analytics & Flurry
  • Admin dashboard for report overview
  • Subscription order report
  • Customer report
  • Active connection report
  • Downloading volumes report
  • Daily production report
  • API/Web service for report extraction

Promptly & Effective Service Level Agreement

  • 3 Tiers of service level agreement
    • Server priority service levelv
  • System availability check reporting (365 Days)
  • Standard service level
  • Professional service level agreement setup
  • Quick response time
  • General problem relief for any unforeseen issues
  • Issue resolution timely & secure

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