Augmented Reality Development

Fireworks Solutions offers all your augmented reality functionality needs, we have specialist ourselves to deliver your next generation augmented reality features!


Our Augmented reality development involves development up to 5 types of AR Functionalities, which are;


AR Browser


Image Tracking


Virtual Button


Image Matching


Object Tracking


AR Browser is an augmented reality geolocation view for your iOS or Android application. Load icons and images on your phone’s camera for your user to interact with, based on their current location. Customize your user’s interaction with the augmented reality world to deliver one of the best experiences to your user.AR Browser Functions & Features


Image tracking is a feature that recognizes images that can be used to display bundles of information, animation, or event create an event out of the image. Supporting thousands of images within 50-60 a pool, the image tracking is on a real-time basis and update extremely fast. Image tracking also do not require internet connection

Image tracking functions and features

  • Robust and reliable image tracking
  • Add/remove images from the pool during live/active
  • Image loading from either within the App or from an URL
  • Unique and customizable camera view
    • Supports image streaming


Create static virtual buttons within the real scene that can be interacted with. Integrated with image tracking and create an immersive experience with the real scene.

Virtual buttons feature and functionality

  • Obtain robust and reliable motion events over the virtual buttons.
  • Unlimited buttons areas in the real scene


A real time image recognition that matches thousands of pictures within devices with an internet connection. Powerful, fast, reliable and easily to use.

  • Add and remove images from the pool during live/active app
  • Load images within the app or from an URL
  • Customizable camera and real scene
  • QR Code recognition up to 4 simultaneously


Match and track real 3D objects ranging from;

  • Spheres
  • Cubes
  • Cuboids
  • Cylinders
  • Hexagonal Prism
  • Square based Pyramids
  • Triangular based pyramids
  • Triangular prism

Match and track real 3D objects with polygonal shape: sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, hexagonal prism, cone, square based pyramid, triangular base pyramid and triangular prism.

Object tracking features and functionalities

  • Fast object matching on run-time
  • 360 degrees tracking
  • 3D scenario reconstruction with streaming support

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