Marketing Cloud integration in Mobimax

Digital marketing has become powerful over the years, assisting and in corporate sales, engagement and growth. Most successful product launches and sales growth are propelled by email marketing, automated mobile messaging, social experience, digital ads, and a cross-channel user journey. With extensive integration to Mobimax, we now provide the tools to help your digital marketing a success.

Personalize experience across email, mobile, social, advertising, and the web.

Personalise Email Marketing

Build personalized email messages to send promotional, transactional, and triggered messages. Take advantage of powerful segmentation and automation capabilities. Use powerful reporting tools to understand performance.

  • Deliver smart and predictive content
  • Track and optimize email campaign
  • Connect with Ease
  • Streamline and send emails
  • Target your audiences

Engaging Mobile Messaging

Reach customer at the right moment with SMS, MMS, Push messaging, and group messaging – based on events, location, proximity, and more.

  • Engage via mobile messages
  • Drive mobile app engagement
  • Utilize geolocation technology
  • Create 1-to-1 conversations on group messaging apps
  • Connect devices
  • Manage the mobile lifecycle

Exceptional Social Experiences

Listen, publish, engage and analyze conversations on social media to understand customers, brands and competitors.

  • Listen and analyze
  • Plan and publish
  • Engage and connect
  • Showcase your social presence
  • Connect social to the salesforce customer success platform

Ads That Wins

Drive business results, and manage your ad campaigns at scale. Unlock your CRM data in Salesforce to securely and powerfully reach your customers, target lookalikes and optimize advertising as part of the customer journey.

  • Manage advertising at scale
  • Active your customer data

Personalised, Predictive Web Recommendations

Create beautiful website and landing pages with personalised content. Track every action your customers take to analyze behavior and optimize on insight.

  • Create dynamic web and landing pages
  • Deliver personalized and predictive web experiences
  • Track interaction and gain insights

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