Digitizing Reading Experience

Digitization of the reading experience threatened traditional publishing models. Importantly, however, it opened up a new frontier that publishers are increasingly starting to use to their advantage. Sergey Bludov, Senior Vice President of Media and Entertainment Practice at DataArt The publishing industry has gone through a number of massive disruptions over recent years, for instance, the emergence […]

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Retailers can now communicate with customers instantly thru mobile devices

According to the Strategy& The missing link about Proximity marketing offers a comprehensive strategy to engage consumers by PWC, for companies looking to stay with current market, explore new marketing medium, or to get out in front of the competition businesses could evaluate proximity marketing strategy through three interconnected lenses: business, experience, and technology to […]

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Augmented Reality Shapes the Future of Retailers

Recently, Augmented Reality manipulate the ways of how digital elements on the physical environment, it alters a whole new level of engagement with information and things happen around us. “It changes the way we approach business. Whether in manufacturing or retail, AR creates new ways to engage with colleagues, consumers, and the world around us.” […]

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The Future Trend of Retail

“(Retail) Industry participants will only succeed if they have a relentless focus on using technology to increase the value added to consumers.” Insight Report: Shaping the Future of Retail for Consumer Industries, A World Economic Forum project in collaboration with Accenture   According to “Total Retail 2016- Southeast Asia & Singapore Highlights Report by PWC”, […]

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Go E-Commerce

This just launched by MDeC. UX/UI Design by Fireworks. For more information, please refer to  

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Case Study : Loyalty System for Shopping Malls

Loyalty App Overview Loyalty Mobile App Sign up & Log in User profile Receipt scanning View point Rewards catalogue Redeem rewards Coupon QR Code Transaction history Promotion/mall information Send dispute Support & Feedback Loyalty Kiosk App Sign up & log in Receipt scanning Check point Send dispute Loyalty Concierge App Sign up & log in […]

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Fireworks launches News App for Myanmar’s National Newspaper

  4th May 2017, Myanmar – May the Force Be With You. Few months ago, Fireworks together with its local partner, Megalink Advanced, competed to tender for the 5 years project to digitize the national newspapers of Myanmar. We won. On 4th Of May 2017, with pride and honour that Fireworks launched Myanmar Digital News Mobile […]

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